Green Again: Madagascar
Restoring Forest Habitats
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Why Madagascar?


of the world’s entire biodiversity is found only in Madagascar


of Madagascar's rainforest have been lost in the last 100 years


of the original rainforests are all that currently remain.

Our Mission

We seek to restore damaged rainforest reserves in Madagascar. True ecological restoration is more than simply replanting trees. It involves a long term commitment to assisting the recovery of an ecosystem.



Our objective is to restore the rainforest canopy to this area within ten years. To date, we’ve planted 58 Malagasy species and the trees are growing fast. There’s already a slight canopy forming and several invasive species such as the eucalyptus, acacia, and guava are being naturally eliminated as the native rainforest is restored to full health.



We encourage cultural understanding through a real world demonstration of how to live sustainably. Another core part of our work is to collect scientific observations on the growth patterns of the tree species involved in the restoration. Our team collects and enters data rigorously in order to continually improve results. Using our data, we’ve tested 5 planting frameworks, 4 germination experiments, and several planting treatments.



Green Again is focused on a sustainable, long term solution to the issues that contribte to deforestation by training individuals to maintain a reserve as well as create oppurtunities for sustainable logging and farming practices.

Our Impact


trees planted in restoration areas


one-year-old seedlings growing


wild-nursery trees ready for planting